Outdoor Archery Tag is where we come to you!

Outdoor Archery Tag is a new concept to offer unique experience outside of our facility.  Archery Tag is a fast paced, action packed, skill-oriented bow and (foam tipped) arrow competitive sport.

We will bring bunkers, arrows, masks, bows and all to where you are and turn your location into a battlefield. 
Our experienced staff will host mini games and ensure safety.



The name says it all. Eliminate the opposition. There are no neutral or safe zones. There are no lines dividing the teams. Cover each other and defeat the enemy.

King of the Castle

The field of battle isn't even. But when royalty is involved, when is it ever even? To have more fun you need more challenges! Castle vs. rebels!

  1. The castle will have all the inflatable bunkers 

  2. The rebels will have nothing to hide behind, no cover, they must rely on their skills to evade all the arrows 

  3. The rebels will have five rows of arrows. Each rebel must fire an arrow from every one of the five rows (You cannot move before firing an arrow)

  4. Once a rebel has fired from the fifth row, he or she can make a break for the castle! 

  5. If the rebels are all eliminated, the castle wins! If the rebels can touch the castle, they win!

Flag Push

Each team has a flag. The objective is to move the flag into the opposite team’s base. Whichever team gets the flag to the other side first, wins. Alternatively, if you eliminate the other team… no one can stop you from putting the flag on the other side ;-) so you win anyway.


PVP Archery is suitable for ages 12 and up.


PVP Archery can host up to 20 players per game.


Depending on the game mode being played, each game will last around 5 to 10 mins.